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When it comes to auto insurance, there are a lot of choices. But, if you are a safe, responsible driver your goals are the same as ours: great service, professionalism, and a commitment to responsible drivers. Response Insurance specializes in insuring safe drivers, whose low risk helps keep all of our customers’ rates low. So, if you are a safe, responsible driver, there’s really only one choice — Response Insurance.

Our customers are our most valuable assets and they value their relationship with us – knowing that we give them the very best rates and service we can provide.

Our Commitment to Responsible Drivers

Response Insurance rewards responsible drivers with lower insurance rates. With some insurance companies, bad drivers unfairly drive up the rates of the safe, responsible driver. That’s why we insure as many responsible drivers as possible – so we can keep rates as low as possible.

A Solid Foundation

Our commitment to providing the best value and personal service is backed by solid financial stability. Response Insurance is part of Kemper Corporation (NYSE:KMPR). Our solid backing helps ensure that we will be there to service your policy and honor our commitments, as well as provide you with great insurance products that meet your needs.

Quick facts about Kemper:

  • A financial services company with $2.4 billion in annual premium revenues.
  • A proud family of companies, employing 7,700 associates and with about $8 billion in assets.
  • An "A-" (Excellent) rating for insurance operations by A.M. Best Company.

Our customers can be confident they are getting the savings and security they have earned through years of safe driving.

Dependable Service

Friendly, knowledgeable insurance advisors/agents are available toll-free to provide fast, free price quotes or to answer questions.

Our approved auto body repair centers guarantee the repairs for as long as the customer owns the car, for covered claims. Our companies have been cited by various state insurance departments for our low level of consumer complaints.

And, not just car insurance...

We also want you to know that in many states homeowner or renters insurance is available as well. You can get some of the most affordable rates in the industry to round out your protection.

Special discounts are available when you use Response for all of your insurance needs. So, you can be protected from accident, injury and other claims in your car, in your home — or wherever you and your family may be.

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